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Drawing : Amado or the sculpture with a human face

Le Semeur Hebdo, July 1st 1977, Daniel Colney about the exhibition at the Eupalinos Gallery in Clermont-Ferrand.


            The drawing has the advantage to serialize the forms. But it is dry.

The finished drawing is dead. Through it I feel what the future form will be. I see where the hollows and the fulls will be, the light or the shadow...

But what is interesting is the finished work. Then at that moment something is alive.

The material is a kind of construction game where a detail can be imagined from the general shape. When the big pieces are assembled, I see where I can tweak and hazard plays its role with the inspiration of the moment.

In the wood holder I added to the stone, the tenderness and friendliness of wood, although the top of this fantastic boat represents mine shafts.


I have always tried to express through my sculpture the human presence in the midst of a nature that destroys houses and man. It is the representation of the perpetual construction followed by destruction, and then reconstruction.

no title 1979

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