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Bronzes : history

     Jean Amado devoted himself to the realization of bronzes between 1992 and 1994, that is to say at the end of his life. He had tried his hand at it twice before, with two works printed, like those that follow, in limited series (12 copies and 4 artist's copies). He thus produced about ten works, most of which were sold during his lifetime, all of them acquired by private collectors. Sculpting in the initial stage each work in clay, he made the first molds in Elastomer, then left it to the founder to make them. He first contacted Jacques Happ in Saint-Cyr in Saône et Loire, then the Fonderie d'Art Barthélémy in Crest in the Drôme. To this day it is still the reference foundry. At the time of the artist's death, there were still works in clay intended to be molded and cast. He had also planned to cast two larger works in bronze: the merry-go-round (157cm x 100 x 56) and I Feel the Wind (35 x 68 x 26). Commissioned by the City of Aix-en-Provence, a copy of the merry-go-round was cast in 1999 and installed in a basin located in Impasse du Cirque, Aix. As for the bronze I feel the wind, cast in 1996, it has been drawn to date in 5 copies entered private collections. Encouraged by the new mastery of the casting technique, Amado opened a series of multiples in 1993. Three were thus realized, of modest dimensions and in the material of the other sculptures: the cuirass and the steam, In car the children and the junk of sands.


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