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1922    Born in Aix-en-Provence. Secondary education at the Lycée Mignet.


1943-1944    Wanted by the Gestapo. With his younger brother Eric he joins a resistance group in Dieulefit in the Drôme.


1947    Marriage with Josephine Steenackers, known as Jo. They work together in a small ceramics workshop in the garden of the family's bastide (Aix, Boulevard du Roi René).


1949    Exhibitions at the Steiger Gallery in Lausanne and at the Mai Gallery in Paris.


1950-1953    Sale of the family bastide, construction of a large workshop and an adjoining house 3km5 from the center of Aix. The couple installs two large ceramic kilns.

First monumental works in glazed terra cotta commissioned by the architect Fernand Pouillon: door frames for buildings in the Old Port; fountain in Sablettes (Var).


1954-1956    First research into a new material, an enamelled concrete better suited to the needs of architecture, for which Jean Amado registered a patent under the name Cerastone.

At the request of Fernand Pouillon, totem on the façade of a 40-meter high tower building (Diar es Saada district) and five fountains (Diar el Mahçoul) in Algiers. Enamelled panel Grassi School in Aix.


1957    Ceramic bas-relief for the Hall of Congresses in Saint-Etienne; bricks and claustras in Bron-Parilly (Lyon).


1958    From this date all the achievements of the couple will be made in Cerastone.

bas-relief Knoll store in Marseille; mural and pillar Société Lafarge, idem.


1959    mural building Le Crépon in Lyon. Two bas-reliefs and fountain, Montperrin psychiatric hospital in Aix.


1960    In Marseille: murals LEP Frederic Mistral; bas-reliefs LEP La Floride; four bas-reliefs Lycée Saint-Exupéry. In Aix-en-Provence: bas-relief Magasin Ariès; small bas-relief pillar entrance to the old hospital.


1961    In Marseille: murals chemin de la Madrague; basin and murals Groupe Scolaire La Feuilleraie. Berre: reliefs in the Fernand Léger School Group. In Aix: mural brewery Les Marronniers; bas-relief brewery Le Cintra.


1962    In Marseille: mural and bas-relief in the North Psychiatric Hospital called Edouard Toulouse; sculpture in a HLM street Etienne Milan.


1963    September, death of Jo Amado.

Jean Amado "impoverishes" the enamels, which until then had been more or less vividly colored, by favoring the texture of the material. Drawing becomes more and more a part of his activities, drawings for drawing which will be exhibited over the years in sculpture exhibitions, and execution drawings, which are quoted and serve as a support for the realization of sculptures in the studio.

Realization of two murals for five buildings in Ferney-Voltaire (total 80 square meters). Mural on the theme of a medicine cabinet for a pharmacy in Alberville. Two murals at the Lycée Bonaparte in Toulon.


1964    First three-dimensional sculpture: the skull, made in cerastone.

Three last murals installed in Ferney-Voltaire. In Carry-le-Rouet, six gargoyles on the façade of a building.


1965    In June, marriage to Claudie Duhamel.

February-March, International Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics, Cantini Museum, Marseille (exhibited piece the skull).

Basalt, black enamel bas relief.

Lyon, two bas-reliefs in a shopping mall in Belmont-la-Duchère. Aix, mural at the entrance of the Relais du Soleil (restaurant); ceramic panel in the Bellevue building. Bédarieux, mural and fountain at the Lycée Fabre. Sorgues in the Vaucluse, bas-relief Collège Voltaire. La Baule, bas-relief in the entrance hall of the Capitole building. Neufmoutiers-en-Brie, sculpture in a basin, Student Center. Grenoble, lighting bollards, Fourier Faculty of Sciences. Marseille, two bas-reliefs facades building Le Daumier.


1966    Green enamel dog, the tanker green enamel, the nave yellow enamel.

In Lyon-Villeurbanne, mural entrance hall of the University Restaurant Madeleine. In Aix, wall fountain in the building La Reynarde. In Arles, cerastone and resin mural, Le Lion d'Arles shopping center. In Port de Bouc, sculptures and bas-relief CEG Voltaire.


1967    December, birth of a son: Emmanuel.

First attempts at sculptures in basalt cement without enameling.

ti coyo not enamelled; the small armadillo grey-green enamel.

In Roanne, animated games in colored wood Salengro Nursery School.

In Lyon-Villeurbanne, mural Restaurant University La Doua.


1968    Exhibition with Aimée Perrin painter, Hotel Maynier d'Oppède in Aix-en-Provence.

the sarconaut; jaco; small unglazed couillu, black wax; unglazed war beast stainless steel projected; and some legs.


1969    Enlargement in white and black enamel cerastone of four monumental sculptures by Jean Dubuffet, who introduces Jean Amado to his gallery owner Jean-François Jaeger, director of the Jeanne Bucher Gallery. Research on the material (granulometry, additions of oxides to pigment the concrete in the mass, mixture of basalt sand, water and cement).

what is it dragging; the Mees; the demolished tattoo.

Four sculpted motifs in the residence of the Park, L'Haÿ-les-Roses.


1970    First exhibition at the Jeanne Bucher Gallery, Paris.

Purchase by the State of the demolished tatoue.

Exhibition at the Douet Gallery in Montreuil. Collective exhibition at the Festival des Arts Plastiques in Montargis.

the petronaut; the Aurora (terracotta model). Cerastone sculpture with inclusion of an engine, murals, Lycée professionnel Frédéric Mistral, Marseille.


1971    Exhibition at the Haaken Gallery (Amado/Fiorini), Oslo.

Purchase by the Norwegian State of qu'est-ce qu'il traîne.

Exhibition at the Jeanne Bucher Gallery.

the good big beast, krack lascivious undulated, vaugeisha, the guard

(basalt and steel).

In Lyon Caluire, sculpture in the form of bubble on sculpted base,

Montessuy shopping center. In Marseille: sculpted landscape ensemble

(2000 m2) CHU Nord; enamelled mural, hall of the Center of Human Biometry,

Faculty of Sciences St.-Jérôme; unenamelled relief at the entrance of the College Vaccaro.


1972    Group exhibition 26th Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Parc Floral de

Vincennes. Collective exhibition Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture,

Château deMontmirail Drancy.

the mama; the crane carrier raw basalt cement and steel;

roseberg cement of cooked basalt; fouges cement of cooked basalt sculpted with the water jet.

Frieze in corten steel, Audoux professional high school, Marseille.

Relief sand of raw basalt and resins, Medical Center of Luberon in


Sculpture corten steel and sand of raw basalt tinted ochre, IUT of Toulon.


1973    Expo. House of Arts and Leisure, Le Creusot. Fabre Museum in


Pavillon Vendôme Aix-en-Provence. Collective exhibitions: "From ceramics

to sculpture", Cultural Center of Bagnolet.  "Three sculptors. The drawing

in the art ", Athanor Gallery, Marseille.

but finally cooked basalt; but then cooked basalt; two steps

outside basalt and projected brass; more nothing to edge basalt and

projected brass.

High relief corten steel, Lycée Vauvenargues, Aix.

Sculpture in the shape of boat, raw concrete ochre, IUT of Vannes.

Sculpture called the Mahone, in a basin of the floral park of Vincennes.


1974    Purchase of but then by the Cantini Museum, Marseille.

At the end of the year Jean Amado decides to give up firing and disconnects the two kilns.

bête avion, fired basalt; la plate, waxed fired basalt; like in Venise, fired basalt; voir le jour, fired basalt; les greniers, fired basalt; à la limite, tinted raw basalt; le porte bois, raw basalt and wood.

Sculpture in the shape of a bubble on a fragmented stone base, CES Thomas in Draguignan. Development of a rest area in a housing complex in Vitry-sur-Seine.


1975    Exhibition: Delta Architecture Workshop in Marseille. Collective exhibitions: 3rd Biennial of sculpture in Budapest; "Vitry, art in the city"; "Forms and colors" Billom.

boat 001 raw basalt and wood ; boat 1 idem ; boat 2 idem ; boat 3 idem ; boat 4 idem ; boat 5 idem ; boat 6 idem ; boat 7 idem ; boat 8 raw basalt ; boat 9 raw basalt.

Sculpture-wall in colored raw concrete, CES Vauvert, St.-Gilles du Gard.


1976    Exhibition Gallery Jeanne Bucher Paris. Collective exhibition Gallery

Raphaël Mischkind, Lille.

boat 10 basalt and wood ; boat 11 id. ; boat 12 id. ;

boat 13 id. ; boat 14 basalt and steel ; boat 15 basalt and wood ;

boat 16 pozzolan and wood; boat 17 basalt and wood: boat 18 id. ;

boat 19 id.

Fountain, basin and sculpture raw basalt, Hotel Lydia,

Port Barcarès. Sculpture in tinted basalt sand, building Le Grand

Pavois building in Marseille.


1977    Exhibition Gallery Noëlla Gest, Saint-Rémy de Provence. Gallery 

Eupalinos Clermont-Ferrand. Castle of Vesvre. Museum of Cahors.

Collective exhibition, "Artist ? Artisan?" Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris.

boat 20 basalt ; boat 21 basalt and wood ; boat 22 basalt ; la belle de mai basalt ; Capraia basalt.

Model of open air show, Chatellerault. Model layout amphitheater, patio, bleachers, Yzeure in the Allier.

Development of playground Le Griffon, Vitrolles. Sculpture tinted basalt cement, entrance hall of the CAF, chemin de Gibbes in Marseille. Fountain leaning against the wall, Social Center and daycare, Port de Bouc.


1978    Exhibition Numaga Gallery in Auvernier (Switzerland). Exhibition : "Art and the city", National Foundation of Graphic and Plastic Arts, Paris.

Purchase by the Museum of Aalborg (Denmark) of the boat 14.

boat 23 basalt and wood ; boat 24 id ; boat 25 id ; boat 26 id ; boat 27 id.

Fountain dressing the column of ventilation of the parking lot Place des Cardeurs, Aix-en-Provence. Set of sculptures, basin, waterfalls, walls in Ivry-sur-Seine. Concrete and wood sculpture, Gauguin School Group, Vitrolles.


1979    Retrospective at the Mathildenhohe Museum in Darmstadt, GDR. Collective exhibitions: Royal Convent of Saint Maximin; "The artist's favorite object" Numaga Gallery, Auvernier (Switzerland); "Sculpture Festival" F.N.A.G.P. Paris.

Castle of ochre, cement of basalt; of the deepest, cement of basalt; boat 28 basalt, glass and metal; of the sea the passage cement of basalt, monumental sculpture, Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller.

Six sculpted elements, Collège Prévert, Noisy-le-Grand.


1980    Retrospectives: Grenoble Museum; Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, Otterlo, Holland; Cantini Museum.

Acquisition of Roseberg by the city of Darmstadt.

the bogue basalt cement; boat 29 basalt cement and wood; in the hollow basalt cement and lead; and to be born at the same time basalt cement; winds of the South basalt cement; small fruit basalt cement.

Sculpture in basalt cement in front of the Louis Aragon Media Library in Martigues. Sculpture, college Pythéas, Marseille.

Sculpture-fountain, School group Emile Zola, Berre.


1981    FIAC Jeanne Bucher Gallery, with Vieira da Silva.

"8 sculptors of today", Sigma, Bordeaux.

Acquisition of the sea the passage by the Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, Otterlo, Holland.

the Khoury, basalt cement; the watchman's tower id.

Fountain, former DDE, Montauban; fountain, Library of Miramas. by sand and salt, monumental sculpture in basalt cement red ochre and development of a square of 500 m2 in Monaco-Fontvieille.


1982    Exhibition at the Château de la Verrerie, CRACAP

Le Creusot. Collective exhibitions : XLth Biennale of Venice,

International Pavilion ; "Lieux du corps", Gardanne.

the things and the time, cement of basalt;

boat 30 cement of basalt and wood; boat 31 id.


1983    Exhibition Gallery Jeanne Bucher. Collective exhibition

"Paths of earth", National School of Art of Bourges,


the pusher in basalt cement ; wall under the wind id ; from the end

of the lips id ; plane door of the sands id ; the young guard id ;

the three brothers id.

Sculpture in basalt cement, Artemare School Group.


1984    Exhibition of the FRAC Rhône-Alpes, Fondation des

Arts Plastiques. Exhibition coll. " Contemporary Sculptures "


Purchase by the FRAC Rhône-Alpes of wall under the wind. Purchase by the FRAC of le pousseur. Purchase of the end of th lips by the FRAC PACA.

the foam and the rock; the arch of Gavarnie; the doubt and the stone (opposite)

monumental sculpture of basalt ochre red cement.

Realization with the painter Paul Coupille of two

models for a project of project of sculpted and landscape

development of the Tunnel of the thirteen winds in

Marseille-l'Estaque. Sculpture in basalt cement, ZAC Berges du

Rhône in Lyon.


1985    Retrospective at the Museum of Decorative Arts, Pavillon de

Marsan, Paris.

castle-Thierry cement of basalt; castle-foc; organs in walk; porte-pierres; organs of Maurice; city of the mineral roof; the Galli.

Sculpture in basalt cement, Base Navale de l'Adour, Anglet.


1986    Exhibition of sculptures, drawings, plans and models, Fernand Léger Gallery,


serenissima cement of basalt; and then goes away id. Monumental fountain sculpture in a basin for a square in Ivry-sur-Seine. Sculpture fountain and landscaping in the former DDE

of Valenton (Val-de-Marne). Beginning of realization of a monumental fountain sculpture, called the city and the source, red ochre, for the place of the Town hall in Aubervilliers.


1987    Collective exhibitions: FRAC Rhône-Alpes, Museum of Valence; "Initiative of the Green Museum" Museum of Ile de France, Castle of Sceaux; "Sculptors of France", Museum of Ixelles, Belgium; "The monument", Open Air Museum, Middelheim, Antwerp.

the guard, basalt cement; the small Guynemer id.

laying of the city and the source in Aubervilliers. Sculpture fountain basalt

cement black oxide in the courtyard of Telecom, place d'Alleray, Paris.


1988    Exhibition Gallery Jeanne Bucher. Exhibition coll. "Art and industry.

Mécène d'aujourd'hui", Présence contemporaine, Paris.

Purchase of maman for the park of the Elysée Palace.

mom cement of basalt red ochre; silence, one watches, cement of basalt; all put on the back cement of basalt; the walk id.

Sculpture fountain on hillock, basalt cement, Garden of sculptures, Bitche. Beginning of realization of the Monument to Rimbaud, monumental sculpture (15 meters), Plage du Prado, Marseille.


1989    Retrospective at the Cantini Museum, Marseille. Inauguration of the Monument to Rimbaud.

Purchase by the Val de Marne of a fountain bug.

the departure cement of basalt; while sleeping id. ;

what to do ? id. ; boat 32, id. ; I feel the wind, id. ; small bug 1 id. ;

small bug 2 id.


1990    Exhibition at the Cultural Center of Cherbourg. Presentation of a

landscape wall at the FIAC Galerie Jeanne Bucher. Collective exhibition.

7 sculptors, 7 museums in Japan" Villes Nouvelles, Paris.

safeguard basalt cement; perilous rise 1 basalt cement; bug

Valerie basalt cement; the protector basalt cement and steel; perilous rise

2 basalt cement; door wood 2 basalt cement and wood; with the trailer

basalt cement and steel; the two poles basalt cement; the patroller basalt

cement and steel; immediate loading basalt cement.


1991    Exhibition Gallery Oriane, Paris. Collective exhibitions: "To greet

the drawing", Ingres Museum, Montauban. "Matter and sculpture",

Hôtel du Département,b Evreux.

paths of round monumental sculpture basalt cement; at low tide 1 basalt

cement; on the pebble basalt cement; the underbeard cement of basalt and

steel; vertiginous degrees monumental sculpture, basalt cement.


1992    Jean Amado undertakes research to realize small pieces which

will becast in bronze and drawn in limited series. Creating his own

molds : the arch and the turret; fire boat.

Exhibition at the Sordini Gallery, Marseille. Collective exhibitions:

"L'arrière- pays" in Carcassonne, Jeanne Bucher Gallery; 3rd Biennial of

contemporary sculpture, Matera. Guest of honor at the 15th meeting of

Plastic Arts, Château-Arnoux.        

mineral lap, basalt cement and lead; the passage, basalt cement;

at low tide 2 basalt cement.


1993    Collective exhibitions: "French Sculpture" Franco-Norwegian

Cultural Center, Stavanger, Norway; "The sculpture in the city",

Castel des Arts, Cannes.

the merry-go-round, basalt cement.

Bronzes: the stone and the time; the merry-go-round.

Multiples in cement of basalt: the breastplate and the vapor; in car the

children; the junk of the sands.


1994    Exhibition Gallery Meurisse, Toulouse.

Bronzes : stone 1; stone 2; stone 3; stone 4; stone 5; stone 6; Evry.

stone of memory, monumental sculpture, Frais Vallon, Marseille.

Sculpture for the tombstone of Michèle Maurois in the cemetery of Avignon. Studies

for urban furniture for the city of Marseille.


October 10, 1995 death of Jean Amado : article


Tthe doubt and the stone

Jean Amado et son fils, 1971


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