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Article by Jean-Claude Izzo, La marseillaise, January 1976

       Jean Amado: "I am on the lookout for every dream. In order to be able to grasp the thing that will trigger the poetic flame and make me get to work.

I imagine the object. More sensitive than real. Then there is the sorting, I know that it is this or that it is not this. But when I get to work, I have no doubt: it will be good. In my opinion, of course.

To realize, you need a base. For me it is drawing. Although this form of expression does not satisfy me. But the drawing is the support of the impulse. To draw the idea is to concretize it. I then learn this drawing. I trace it in my head, on my hands. When I arrive at the studio, it is as if it were done.

The material opposes my desires. Because it has its rules, its sensitivity. It inevitably leads me to its place...

And I do not give up the dream, it is cow...

Each element destroys the other and creates its contradiction.

I start from the accident. Within the limits of the detail, certainly. But the details in the work are important. They are all the sensitivity of the object.

There is always something in a work that is not said.

What freedom do we have, we creators? Freedom for an artist is a problem of time. Unprofitable time: dreams, sketches, sorting. This becomes more and more impossible. You have to live, that is to say, eat, get dressed... like everyone else. So sometimes we have to "dream" by force, from 9 am to 4 pm and from 2 pm to 7 pm, and produce objects on order. In fact, we only have a few freedoms left, and they're within a financial straitjacket.


If society changes, something will change for sure."

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